A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A kooky barista? A mysterious guest? A kranky robot?  I wonder whose side you are on reader! Who you root for and which choices you make will determine how this story turns out, so get ready...

In this illustrated interactive title, you can play through the story as either Astrid or Q. Astrid is a silver-haired, brooding customer. They are searching for a magical cure… Q is a clumsy magic-wielding shopkeep. They aren’t at all prepared for the person about to walk through their door.  The decisions you make will ultimately decide the fate of these two strangers.

Perfect for anyone who loves magic, meet-cutes, and interactive, story-driven games!

Platforms: Mac and Windows

Controls: Mouse and space bar

Estimated playing time: ~1 hour

Install instructions

To play the game, users may need to visit their security settings to enable Q&A to run on their computer.


Q&A 2.0_Setup.exe 67 MB
Version 2 Mar 12, 2019
qa-a-light-roasted-romance-osx.zip 102 MB
Version 2 Mar 12, 2019


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